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RentHelpPGH is a coordinated project of the Hill District Consensus Group, Community Justice Project, the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, and the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation to help more Allegheny County residents access the services they need and to quantify the impact of direct service work performed by Community Based Organizations.

RentHelpPGH assists residents of Allegheny County in obtaining legal and financial assistance in order to avoid eviction and to help residents access resources that will stabilize their household and create an environment in which they can thrive.

We strive to demonstrate the value of funding community based organizations so that they can provide systematic resource navigation services for low-income households facing the threat of eviction and identify systemic advocacy needs for improving the existing models of resource service delivery in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Through our Eviction Rapid Response program we ensure that more of our most vulnerable neighbors, those actively facing eviction, have equitable access to resources. Through phone and text canvassing, mailers, and volunteers at the magisterial offices, we are able to connect more residents with much needed rental assistance, legal advice, and other support.

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